To Be Introduced – RED CARDS in Cricket?

Cricket may soon see players being punished on the field for Unruly behaviors
RED CARDS in Cricket

We may soon see red cards in Cricket? But, hasn’t Cricket been touted as a gentleman’s game ever since its inception? Then why the sudden rage, of introducing on field punishments for players?

In a famous incidence in 1981, the Australian fast bowler Dennis Lillee confronted Pakistani batsman Javed Miandad. Javed Miandad raised his bat gesturing to hit the fast bowler before the umpires and other players intervened. However, post the incident, both players remained on the field and continued to play.

There have been numerous other incidents of violence in a game of cricket. For example, in one such incident Pakistani player Inzamam-ul-Haq attacked a spectator in the stands for mocking him.

Rising number of violent incidents in the cricket matches across the world has led to a potential dearth of umpires in club matches. A recent study conducted by Portsmouth University, found that forty percent of British umpires were considering giving up refereeing because of verbal abuse.

Giving an example, the Marylebone Cricket Club said, “A batsman could willfully hit a member of the fielding side with their bat before carrying on to score a century to win the match for their team.

Ricky Ponting, former Australian captain and one of the best batsman to have ever played the game, who currently sits on the cricket club committee said at an announcement on Wednesday, “It has got completely out hand down there, we have got to the stage that something had to be done to prevent these things happening.

Aggression in Cricket

Introducing Red Cards in Cricket

The rise in aggressive behavior on the field has forced the authorities to contemplate the introduction of red cards in Cricket. The M.C.C. will ratify the introduction of on field penalty in cricket in the month of February. Unless the ICC, the International Cricket Council, exempts its matches from change which is highly unlikely, we will soon have a new rule in cricket under which the on field umpires could issue red cards in Cricket and send the defaulters off the field. Per reports, national leagues also might be allowed to introduce yellow cards for minor incidents of bad behavior.

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