Why does Unrequited love hurt?

Undoubtedly, Love is the most beautiful feeling on earth. However, unrequited love can at times be the a worst feeling as well. When you are in love, your ecstasy...
Unrequited Love

Undoubtedly, Love is the most beautiful feeling on earth. However, unrequited love can at times be the a worst feeling as well.

When you are in love, your ecstasy knows no bounds and you feel like heaven on earth. But, the pangs and sufferings of unrequited love can be too heavy for anyone to lead a normal life.

There are big talks about the strength of unconditional and one sided love. But all that appears to be bullshit when one actually goes through the excruciating and immobilizing pain of unrequited love. Technically, it’s natural to want to be loved back by the person you adore. You want to be as much pampered and cared for, by the person you love, as you care for him or her. You paint many a rainbow dreams of having a beautiful, perfect future with him or her. But, life is hard and not every story ends happily ever after. The person you worship may not feel the same for you and in that case your heart breaks, plunging you into the eternal ocean of gloom and depression.

Though illogically, but you start questioning your self-worth. Your self-esteem drops to the extent that you feel like you are not worth loving or you are not good-looking enough to attract the person. Your desperation mounts and you frantically try to find out what is it that you lack because of which he or she can’t love you. You may attempt to convince your sweetheart that you together could have a perfect future and nobody can love him or her more than you. But these attempts may leave you with even more frustration if the one you love is actually not into you.

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are going though this  situation and only looking for a solution  to win his or heart. Here I need to tell you that there is no magic wand that will help you win  the love of the person, who for whatever reason does not want to be with you.

If you have the liberty to love him or her, he or she has the right not to choose you.You can’t blame him or her but you can blame your fate if you want to. Lets rationalize it and not brood over this  problem of one sided feelings.

  • Stop idealizing: We idolize the person we love.You feel that there is no one else like him or her and nobody can make your heart leap the way he or she does. If it’s not he or she, you will never be able to love anyone else. To speak the truth, this whole feeling is utterly foolish and childish. Once you get over it, you will come across many wonderful people and realize that he or she was not unique and that love can happen again.
  • Low self-esteem: Poor self-esteem may get you stuck to your pathetic feelings when you are rejected in love. Remember, your self-worth is not attached to anyone’s acceptance of you. Respect yourself enough to let go of anyone and anything. Only because your love interest has failed to love  you back that doesn’t mean you are incomplete or inadequate. In due course of time you will come to see the futility and meaninglessness of your one-sided emotion.
  • Acceptance: Your inability to accept the fact can worsen your situation. It is impractical to keep asking yourself about the reason of unrequited love. As I have said earlier, it’s not his or her fault. Even if you think you are as ravishing as Angelina Jolie or as handsome as Tom cruise, still there will bd people who won’t like you. So, acceptance is crucial in this situation. His or her disliking you has nothing to do with your looks or personality.

unrequited loveIt can’t be denied that rejection, in whatever form it may come, won’t give you  a nice feeling at the starting. But, these are little facts of life that only help you grow up and prepare you for other big challenges of life. It is important to keep a positive outlook towards life because sooner or later you are going to meet the person who is actually meant for you.

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