Barkha Dutt – Charity Begins at home!

Barkha, who herself has been conspicuously silent on many issues frowns at Mr. Arnab Goswami

It’s not new for news channels to completely avoid some stories and excessively focus on some others. Every channel, irrespective of whether you hate it or love it, does selective journalism. Some journalists are always anti someone/something, while some other journalists try to maintain a balance between what they criticize and what they praise.

I am someone, who has followed the journalism of both Barkha and Arnab for years. While Barkha has always been anti BJP, Arnab has tried to tread a line where he could neither be termed as pro or anti some party/person.

We can enumerate numerous instances where Barkha has been clearly partial. For instance, she has never criticized Rahul Gandhi. Recently, she did try to generate sympathy for (violent) Kashmiris and hatred against (defensive) Indian Army by her style of reporting. She did report the physical injuries that the Kashmiris suffered due to the counter action taken by the Indian armed forces, but she never highlighted the violence which was started by Kashmiris themselves. In her first tweet, she mentions Burhan Wani as a commander and not a terrorist. Her tweet clearly tried to generate sympathy for the terrorist, Burhan Wani.

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In fact, she has never referred to the Kashmiri/Pakistani terrorists as terrorists, she has always used the word “Militant” in her speech and write ups. For the first time, she referred to Hafiz Sayeed as a terrorist, but only after Hafiz Sayeed called her as his friend/well-wisher. Barkha has never said a kind word for Mr. Modi or his policies. It’s OK to criticize when someone deserves criticism, but to chronically speaking against someone is actually sick. Recently, she did not report about the Malda incidence as enthusiastically as she reports against anything about prime minister Modi. How can she stand by the side of Lalu Prasad Yadav, after Bihar elections and call herself as impartial. How can she stand by the side of Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar, who ranted non stop against the BJP and Hindutva, and call herself as impartial. She acts as the biggest pessimist whenever BJP/Modi do something good and she is the biggest optimist whenever the Left or the Kashmiris or the Gandhi family does something wrong.

Anybody, who has been objectively following Barkha Dutt, over the years would agree with my analysis.

However, it does not mean that Arnab Goswami is the white knight. He has his own problems. He is highly opinionated about incidents. Who can forget the way he vituperated against the Indian Cricket team after India lost in World Cup semi finals. Who can forget the way he (Times Now) gave prime time televisions space to the Rohtak Sisters and Jasleen Kaur without proper investigation. But, I would give it to Mr. Arnab Goswami that he does not praise or criticize only one party or a person. He is equally critical about the BJP and the Congress and the left or others. And when it comes down to showering praise on someone, he does not hold himself back.

And therefore, the kind of reaction by Ms. Barkha Dutt in her Facebook post is uncalled for. Once again she tries to further her propaganda against the Indian Army in her post by selectively highlighting the plight of Kashmiris. Yet again, she tries to further her propaganda against the BJP by pointing at the BJP-PDP alliance, as if every previous party (or alliance) did pristine work during their rule.

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