Being a sperm donor is not as easy as the media depicts it to be

Selling your sperm can net you a decent amount of money but it’s not as easy or as fun as depicted in various media. In order to be a...
How to become a sperm donor
Sperm cells swimming to egg in tube

Selling your sperm can net you a decent amount of money but it’s not as easy or as fun as depicted in various media.

In order to be a Sperm Donor

  • You need to be in excellent health
  • Have a clean medical background
  • Be within a certain age, height and weight range
  • Have at least post-secondary education, and
  • Be attractive (Now nobody knows who decides who is attractive and who is not)
  • You can’t use tobacco or any other drug in any form
  • You can’t be a heavy drinker
  • You should be able to deliver at least twice the amount of sperm that a typical guy produces.

If you meet all these requirements you can qualify to become a sperm donor. However, sperm banks would not want to have large amounts of your sperm. Because, you may be special but the world is not interested in 100’s of you.

Compensation for your sperm can range from $35 to $100 depending upon the size of the sperm bank, how much sperm you can produce and how often you donate. Anonymous donors usually get paid less as well.

The exceptionally high standards that the sperm banks hold eliminate about 95 percent of men.

In addition, be prepared to expose your family tree to a thorough, honest dissection, going back two generations. You will be asked about tattoos, drug use, experimental sex, your relatives diseases and you mother’s schizoid episodes.

If invited in as a sperm donor by some bank, you’ll be given a sterile cup and offered “aides” in the form of movies or magazines, or both; just don’t count on a hand job from the hottie at the front desk. You’ll be instructed not to use a lubricant, as it can contaminate the “specimen. Your boys will then be tested for everything from the obvious (sperm count) to the unexpected (forward momentum), and that’s just for starters.

If accepted as a sperm donor, you’ll earn between $50 to $200 per specimen. You’ll be expected to rub one out into their cups two to three times per week and make a commitment to the program that lasts six months or longer depending on the policies of the clinic. Because they need a consistently potent specimen, you’ll have to abstain from having an orgasm anywhere but at the clinic; and yes, they’ll know if you’re cheating on them.

Sperm banks can be found in almost every major city, but because of discretion, they aren’t always easy to locate.

If you are reading this article and interested in donating sperms then all the best for your endeavor from the team of Citizens Perspective!

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